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Hardness Test Block Certification

Model No. Description
900330-9413 A-Scale Test Block
900330-9414 B-Scale Test Block
900330-9415 C-Scale (Low Range) Test Block
900330-9415C C-Scale (Low Range) Test Block
900330-9415E C-Scale (Low Range) NIST Certified
900330-9416 C-Scale (Mid Range) Test Block
900330-9416C C-Scale (Mid Range) Test Block
900330-9416E C-Scale (Mid Range) NIST Certified
900330-9417 C-Scale (High Range) Test Block
900330-9417C C-Scale (High Range) Test Block
900330-9417E C-Scale (High Range) NIST Certified
900340-9001 HR15N Superficial Test Block
900340-9002 HR30N Superficial Test Block
900340-9003 HR45N Superficial Test Block
900340-9004 HR45T Superficial Test Block
900340-9005 HR30T Superficial Test Block
900340-9006 HR15T Superficial Test Block
PHT1300-01 HLD Test Block (for Impact StyleD Testers only)
PHT1300-01C NIST Certification for HLD Test Block
PHT1100G-01 HLG Test Block (for Impact StyleG Testers only)


Rockwell hardness reference test blocks are used primarily for the indirect verification and daily verification of a Rockwell hardness tester. Reference test blocks are also useful when comparing the relative performance between two hardness testers by measuring the same blocks on both machines or for comparing the performance of two indenters. Proper care, handling and use of the reference test blocks is important to obtaining accurate measurements. It is critical that the reference test blocks not influence the hardness measurements due to improper use.


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