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Model No. 900-360

The Phase II Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester adopts a micro computer controller to fully automate testing procedures and achieve a level of dynamic precision that is only found at Phase II. This  state of the art Hardness Tester offers programmable scale conversions, dwell times, statistical capabilities and test counter. Conforming to ASTM E-18 Rockwell Hardness Standards, this hardness tester presents unmatched repeatability in all Rockwell Hardness scales (see table below). The 900-360 is easy to operate, yet engineered to obtain highly sensitive and extremely accurate readings. A perfect performer suited for any environment including; heat treat facilities, tool rooms, workshops, laboratories and inspection labs. Lifetime technical support is included with all Phase II Hardness Testers. So test away with confidence and a level of accuracy you will only find at Phase II.

  • Fully automated testing procedures affords highly sensitive and accurate readings
  • Micro computer controlled with output to supplied mini printer
  • Offers programmable scale conversions, dwell times, statistical capabilities and test counter
  • Capable of testing in all of the regular Rockwell® scales


Minor Load

10 Kgf

Major Load 60 Kgf, 100 Kgf, 150 KGF
Test Force Application Dead Weight
Test Force Control Motorized
Results Display Digital Readout
Vertical Capacity 6.7 in.
Throat Depth 6.6 in.
Height 28 in.
Width 8.9 in.
Depth 19.6 in.
Shipping Weight 242 lbs

  • C-scale Diamond Indenter
  • 1/16 Ball Indenter
  • 2- HRC test Blocks
  • 1- HRB Test Block
  • Built-in Mini Printer
  • Test Table 5.87 (150mm)
  • Flat Anvil 2.5 (63mm)
  • Spot Anvil .38 (10mm)
  • Std. Vee Anvil
  • Accessory Case
  • Dust Cover
digital rockwell hardness tester
Scale Symbol

Indenter Type
Ball dimensions indicate diameter

Preliminary Force
N (kgf)
Total Force
N (kgf)
Typical Application
A Spheroconical Diamond 98.07 (10) 588.4 (60) Cemented carbides, thin steel and shallow case hardened steel
B Ball 1/16" (1.588mm) 98.07 (10) 980.7 (100) Copper alloys, soft steels, alum. Alloys, malleable iron, etc.
C Spheroconical Diamond 98.07 (10) 1471 (150) Steel, hard cast irons,pearltic malleable iron, titanium, deep case hardened steel & other material harder than HRB 100
D Spheroconical Diamond 98.07 (10) 980.7 (100) Thin steel and medium case hardened steel and pearlitic malleable iron
E Ball  1/8" (3.175mm) 98.07 (10) 980.7 (100) Cast iron, aluminum & magnesium alloys and bearing metals
F Ball  1/16" (1.588mm) 98.07 (10) 588.4 (60) Annealed copper alloys, and thin soft sheet metals
G Ball  1/16" (1.588mm) 98.07 (10) 1471 (150) Malleable irons, copper-nckel-zinc and cupronickel alloys
H Ball  1/8" (3.175mm) 98.07 (10) 588.4 (60) Aluminum, zinc and lead
K Ball  1/8" (3.175mm) 98.07 (10) 1471 (150) Bearing metals and other very soft or thin materials. Use smallest ball and heaviest load that does not give anvil effect
L Ball  1/4" (6.350mm) 98.07 (10) 588.4 (60)
M Ball  1/4" (6.350mm) 98.07 (10) 980.7 (100)
P Ball  1/4" (6.350mm) 98.07 (10) 1471 (150)
R Ball  1/2" (12.70mm) 98.07 (10) 588.4 (60)
S Ball  1/2" (12.70mm) 98.07 (10) 980.7 (100)
V Ball  1/2" (12.70mm) 98.07 (10) 1471 (150)

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Toll Free: 800-526-9087
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