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Nov 2014 Ė Phase II is finishing this year quite strong. Phase II had a great IMTS show, exhibiting the latest in hardness testers, portable hardness testers, micro vickers hardness testers, durometers and brinell hardness testers. Also on display were the latest in surface roughness testers, ultrasonic thickness gauges, coating thickness gauges, vibration meters and force gauges.

The Phase II hardness tester product group finally added the 900-331, Rockwell hardness tester with digital indicator. Phase II is also making available the hardness tester retrofit kits to replace old analog indicators for Rockwell hardness testers, with digital indicators for Rockwell hardness testers. These models are available for all Phase II, Starrett, SPI and HR-150 type Rockwell hardness testers. Brinell hardness testers also added the PHT-5000 Brinell optical system. After taking indentations, in place of using a manual microscope to take readings, the Phase II digital brinell optical system can take the readings quickly, store in memory and easily export results. This digital brinell hardness optical system also speeds up the entire process, allowing the use to do batch indentation and batch measurement. Phase II Shore durometer stands began shipping this past quarter. The revamped PHT-1700 portable hardness tester should soon make its way into shipments this quarter. The 900-345 superficial Rockwell hardness testers are now in the same design line as our workhorse, the 900-331, Rockwell hardness testers. The revamped micro vickers hardness testers and macro Vickers hardness testers have been a resounding success. The simple vickers hardness digicam software packages certainly have a lot to do with it. The Phase II Surface roughness tester / profilometer product group has upgraded the SRG-4500, surface roughness tester/ profilometer. A new surface roughness / profilometer software program with usb cable is now include with all shipments. The vibration meter product group has added a vibration calibrator. A simple type of vibration calibrator that can be used on three different parameters and Adapted to work on all brands. All other Phase II product groups, ultrasonic thickness gauges, coating thickness gauges, and force gauges are sure to see additions and upgrades as time goes by. Finally, donít forget to check out our instructional videos. Subscribe to our youtube page so you donít miss any.

Phase II Metrology/Material Testing Group specializes in hardness testers with an offering of Benchtop Rockwell hardness testers, Superficial Rockwell hardness testers, Digital Rockwell hardness testers, Rockwell & Superficial twin testers, brinell hardness testers and Vickers hardness testers. We also carry a complete line of hardness tester accessories, such as hardness test blocks, indentors and anvils. Phase II is also the largest supplier of portable hardness testers in the North American market today. Our product diversity is unmatched in this field, guaranteeing that any application can be satisfied. We have also included Durometers, Ultrasonic thickness gauges, surface roughness testers/profilometers, coating thickness gages, vibration meters, force gauges and fiberoptic borescopes in this group. All of the products in this group are application oriented, so give us a call or send an e-mail with your application and we'll direct you to the right product. We will even do in-house testing & provide reports on your samples at no charge to confirm the correct tester Ė application matchups. Phase II provides NIST or relevant certifications when needed for a nominal charge. All instruments in the material testing group are backed with a 5 Year Warranty and Free Lifetime Technical Support.

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